Michel Bruel

Michel bruel

A high level expert, worlwide known, in the field of Micro-nanotechnologies
Portrait de Michel BRUEL

  • During his professional carreer with CEA / LETI, Michel BRUEL played major roles, in the technic and scientific field as well as in the management of large R&D teams. He was awarded 4 june 1998 the title of “Directeur de recherche du CEA” (Research director), by the dedicated jury composed of Outstanding scientific personnalities. This title recognizes outstanding contribution to the outcome of CEA/LETI. On January first 2004 he was chosen as Deputy director and Scientific Adviser of LETI. During the course of the time he spent with this organism dedicated to research under contract with industry, he acquired a large expertise, technical and scientific, in the domain of microelectronics technologies and microtechnologies (ion implantation, materials and technologies for I.C.s for power electronics, integrated optics and micro-optics, packaging and assembly technologies), of bio-medical microsystems (bio-MEMS), of nanotechnologies and nanosciences.
  • Michel BRUEL produced by himself worldwide known achievements in the field of Silicon on Insulator (SOI).
  • Particularly he is the inventor of the Smart-Cut process for SOI material fabrication which is exploited by SOITEC world leader in the SOI field, under license of CEA/LETI.
  • He got numerous national and international prizes and awards.

He has a strong knowledge in the field intellectual property

  • He filed (and received) during his carreer more than sixty patents which were all the sixties extended to major European countries, USA and Japan.
  • He is still very active in this field.
  • He has got experience in the field of suing a counterfactor.

An Expert in innovatives start-up and spin-off

  • He was member of the Board of SOITEC from the creation (1992) until 2004.
  • He was member of the Board (Conseil de Surveillance) of Tracit Technologies from the creation (2002) until its acquisition by SOITEC.
  • He was C.T.O. of Opsitech from 2000 to its acquisition by MEMSCAP (end 2003).
  • He is a founding member of EMIX.