• CEA prize 1992 as a recognition of his achievements in the SIMOX technology.
  • Electronics Letters Premium awarded by «The Institution of Electrical Engineers», september 30th 1996, for the publication of a particularly innovating new S.O.I. material process which was later on called Smart-Cut (exploited by Soitec).
  • Innovation in Real Material Award received at the Conference «Innovations in Materials Conference», Washington, DC, 19-22nd July 1998.
  • European SEMI Award, awarded by SEMI (Semiconductor Equipments and Materials International), Münich, 12th April 1999.
  • Prize “Yvan PEYCHES” awarded by Académie des Sciences (French Sciences Academy), on March 29 1999 and received during a public solemn ceremony at “Palais de l’Institut” on Septembre 20th 1999.
  • Prize Science et Défense awarded by the French Ministry of Defense on January 31st 2000 at “Hotel de Brienne”.
  • Grand Prix de Physique Appliquée awarded by the Société Française de Physique on Octobre 3rd 2001 (look at the article on EDP
  • IEEE Cledo Brunetti Award, awarded for 2008 (look at ieee cledo brunetti award 2008
  • Marius Lavet Award received in association with Bernard Aspar, on March 14th 2016 at Maison des Arts et Métiers, 9 bis Iéna Avenue, Paris